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In January 2016, three EFFAT member organisations filed petitions to the European Parliament’s Petition Committee:

  • BFAWU, UK, criticises McDonald’s for abuse of zero-hour contracts in the UK, which are weakening workers’ rights, as they have no guaranteed working hours and must be available to work at all times.
  • FGTB-ABVV, Belgium, denounces legislation on flexible jobs in Belgium, which makes it possible for employers to sidestep the legal framework and to employ staff on a part-time basis without any rights and social protection, a scheme used by McDonald’s and its network of franchised restaurants.
  • CGT, France, criticises McDonald’s for discouragement of trade union representation and lack of job security, facilitated by the structural organisation of McDonald’s group subsidiaries and franchised outlets.

The petitions were deemed admissible by the EP and will be subject to a hearing by the Petition Committee on 29 November 2016, where the petitioners are given the chance to present their cases.

In order to make the petitions successful, we need a maximum of support.

We call upon you to sign up to the petitions on the European Parliament’s Petition Committee website.

The 3 petitions are shown, you have to click on VIEW, then on LOG IN (register first) and on SUPPORT.

You can also use a support tool set up by our American sister organisation SEIU, ally in the global fast food coalition, which makes signing the petitions easier: http://bit.ly/McDPetitionEN .