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Dear Supporter,

Almost 24000 brothers and sisters in the Spanish poultry and rabbit meat sector are facing extremely precarious working conditions.

Although the sector continues to thrive, the problem is the contractual weakness in price fixing among the players in the supply chain, which leaves the slaughtering industry in an unfavorable position compared with the retailers.

Who is paying for this? Workers as usual!

As a result, workers are facing:

  • Elimination of seniority bonuses
  • No wage increase
  • Increased working hours and flexibility
  • Elimination of two consecutive rest days as stipulated in the contract
  • Intensive externalization/outsourcing


After UGT and CCOO’s proposals to improve working conditions have been rejected by the employers, our affiliates are

STRIKING on 11 and 12 April 2017

for decent working conditions!


EFFAT has prepared a solidarity letter for you to send to UGT and CCOO.
Please send copies of solidarity letters to Margot Sastre Albis (msastre@industria.ccoo.es) and Sebastian Serena Expòsito (sserena@fica.ugt.organd copy EFFAT at effat@effat.org.

We ask you to send solidarity letters using the attached draft letter to support our Spanish colleagues’ fight for better working conditions.


Show them they’re not alone!