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EFFAT and its social partners HOTREC have jointly issues a pledge to enhace quality and attractiveness of apprenticeships schemes
in the European hotel and restaurant sector! We need your voice!

EFFAT and HOTREC commit themselves to improve the quality and the image/attractiveness of the apprenticeships schemes by:
  • Including the issue in the EFFAT-HOTREC work-programme;
  • Promoting discussion and exchanging experiences on apprenticeships schemes steering committee and plenary meetings in order to raise awareness amongst the HORECA social partners;
  • Presenting the benefits of apprenticeships schemes at HOTREC and EFFAT General Assemblies and encouraging national associations / member organisations to join the Alliance and to promote it to their own members;
  • Raising awareness of the value and benefits of apprenticeships amongst HOTREC and EFFAT members through websites, newsletters, meetings and social media tools;
  • Encouraging the European hotel and restaurant sector to provide high quality apprenticeships.
EFFAT national affiliates as well as Hotrec national associations are strongly encouraged to share their best cases and practices.