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Low pay, uncertain hours, sexual harassment in the workplace and anti-union management: these are only some of the poor working conditions faced by thousands of fast food workers worldwide and some of the basic reasons for their increased protests and strikes in the sector.

As representatives of workers in the global fast food sector, EFFAT and the IUF have stepped up their efforts to end precarious work in the industry and have appointed a new fast food global coordinator. Starting in March, Jonathan Johansson will be responsible for coordinating the ongoing fast food workers’ campaigns and fights in several European countries as well as creating synergies with initiatives underway across the Atlantic.

A young and talented organiser, Jonathan will be tasked with building the capacity of fast food unions and with mobilizing workers online and offline. Furthermore he will be in charge of organising fast food global days of action and working with policy makers to promote fast food workers’ struggles within the European Union.

Joining EFFAT and IUF, Jonathan said: “I’m excited to work with the IUF and EFFAT affiliates and to use my experience to advance the global fast food cause and to help unions organize their fights”.