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On 27 October, EFFAT Bulgarian affiliates FNSZ will take part in the action organized by CITUB to call for fairer wages, decent working conditions and labor rights for Bulgarian workers drained by budget restrictions and austerity.

Almost 6 thousands people will mobilise to demand urgent and radical measures to:

  • guarantee workers‘ rights;
  • stop austerity;
  • withdraw the budgetary restrictions;
  • enforce the right to decent work and appropriate pay.

The huge  east west pay gap in Europe, and the lack of a decent minimum wage in Bulgaria that ensures social inclusion and decent living conditions are at the basis of the current massive brain drain in the country. Furthermore social dialogue with the employers’ organizations in Bulgaria is at a stalemate and anti-trade unionism is threatening the cores of a democratic state.

As workers are the most valuable capital of the Bulgarian economy, Bulgarian trade unions demand that employers sit at the negotiating table and to accept that a wage increase is vital for economic growth.

EFFAT is calling all of its affiliates to stand with them and show solidarity and support to CITUB and its  colleagues in the Agriculture and Processing industry at FNSZ!

A template solidarity letter is ready for you below. Please address any material to:

Svetla Vasileva
President of FNSZ
29, Vladayska Str.
Sofia, Bulgaria

If you’d like to join on social media, follow EFFAT’s twitter and facebook accounts. We’ll be posting using #OurPayRise