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European Trade union movement puts forward EU elections Manifesto 

In the run up of the European elections that are meant to determine the future direction of Europe, the European trade union movement publishes today its manifesto, urging its members to go to the polls and give preference to those candidates who call for a fairer Europe for workers based on:

  • Democracy and social justice
  • Quality jobs and higher wages
  • Socially fair transitions to a low-carbon and digital economy.

Specific proposals include:

  • New economic policies to boost growth that benefits everybody including relaunching public investment;
  • Full implementation of the ‘European Pillar of Social Rights’ including the right to quality education and life-long learning, health and safety at work, secure employment, gender equality and good quality public services;
  • EU and national law to enable employers and trade unions to conclude collective agreements to raise wages and achieve better standards of living and working for all;
  • Work of the same value at the same place  should be paid the same across Europe, across sectors and for women and men;
  • Managed transitions to a low-carbon and digital economy so no-one is left behind, including a new EU Industrial Policy to create new jobs and opportunities.

Harald Wiedenhofer, EFFAT Secretary General, commented on the release of the Manifesto saying: “If the nationalistic and anti- Europe movements won the majority of seats in the next European Parliament, the next elections would mean a political disaster and a threat to the future of our youth and next generations. Peaceful neighborhood, social achievements as well as human dignity and respect for dissenters are all at stake in these elections. Indeed we agree: Europe has to improve, being more transparent, more social and closer to the people. But without a common European future everything gets worse. A better and stronger Europe is not part of the problems but part of the solution”.

This spring, workers are really empowered to choose a Europe that delivers more and better jobs, social justice and a sustainable future.

Leveraging this Manifesto, EFFAT will join forces with the ETUC to reach all workers in Europe to raise awareness of the vital importance of their vote for a social Europe.

The next European elections take place on 23-26 May 2019. The manifesto is available in your language here