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EFFAT sent a letter of solidarity to all French affiliates showing support to the longest ever strike in France. Since early December, workers from all over the country and sectors have been protesting over the recently proposed Macron’s pension reform. If in place the measures would replace France’s 42 separate pension regimes with a universal points-based system that rewards employees for each day worked; this measure will clearly remove the most advantageous pensions for a number of jobs,  forcing people to work longer or face reduced payouts when they retire.

It has been shown that future retirees will see their pension reduced by 15-20% hence obliged to be in service for longer to get a pension or even to establish a personal pension fund to cope with the loss.

EFFAT joins this resolute and determined fight for fair pension rights and sends its solidarity to all its French and the thousands of workers taking the streets, in the hope that government will hear the trade union demands and renegotiate its pension reform.

This message is embraced by all EFFAT affiliates in the agriculture, food and tourism sector united in a true spirit of European Solidarity.