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Happy International Workers’ Day!

Today it is May Day, the day of all workers united in solidarity. As importantly it is the first day of the month when working people in Europe will go to the most decisive and divisive polls. Between the 23 and 26 May 2019, European citizens will be called to vote for the EU elections, to choose to embrace a social and democratic Europe or to make national instances prevail, hence turning their back on the principles of integration and solidarity that founded the European Union.

EFFAT seizes the occasion of  1st of May to send a direct message to European workers and affiliates trade unions: Continue your fight for improved working conditions by going to the polls this month, by choosing  a fairer Europe for workers, a new social contract based on justice, quality jobs and higher wages.

On 1st May, Harald Wiedenhofer, EFFAT Secretary General, commented: ‘On 23 -26 May, workers have to demonstrate that Europe does not mean nationalism, rather peaceful integration and respect for human dignity’.