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Today EFFAT sends its message of support and solidarity to all NFZGS CL Podkrepa’s members taking the  streets to defend their trade union as well as social and social security rights.

First, EFFAT is standing with Bulgarian workers fighting for a pay raise for nights shifts and for a fair and adequate pay for overtime work. These are minimum provisions of legal protection for workers and a basic rights at work.

Second, EFFAT supports the fight in defense of social security rights and strongly opposes the employers’ proposal to have workers pay for the first day of sick leave. This is an outrageous proposal that undermines the welfare of Bulgarian workers, already hit by some of the lowest salaries in Europe.

Finally, EFFAT joins workers’ call to the Bulgarian government for increased funds for education, health prevention, for social worker’s remunerations, as well as for the support of energy-poor citizens and hopes for the prompt adoption of a reasonable state budget bill for 2020.

The message is shared by all EFFAT affiliates in the catering industry and the food supply chain altogether, difficult sectors that know some of the harshest trade unions fights.

EFFAT encourages all affiliates  to send solidarity messages via social media and/or a solidarity letter to NFZGS CL PODKREPA to the following address:

Aneliya Ivanova
2, Angel Kanchev St.
1000 Sofia

EFFAT Solidarity Letter Bulgaria
Solidarity Letter Bulgaria (PDF)