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Along with other 38 co-signatories from the civil society, EFFAT co-signed a European Food Coalition letter  link  below) addressed to the European Commission Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans on the importance and urgency to keep April 2020 as the Farm to Fork strategy publication date.

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has strikingly brought to light some of the dysfunctions of our current globalised and unsustainable food systems. Millions of workers employed in agriculture and food production are working tirelessly, multiplying their efforts to make sure food is available for everyone during this emergency. Yet, they are often victims of difficult and precarious working, housing and employment conditions as well as deprived of adequate protective equipment that allows them to operate in full safety.

This health emergency should not be used as an excuse to further put off a long awaited European plan that has the potential to raise social and environmental standards in EU agri-food sector. Rather this crisis shines a light on the urgency of it.

Signing the EU Food Policy Coalition letter, EFFAT reiterates its long standing demand for a prompt and comprehensive farm to fork strategy with a high social and environmental that places a greater focus on agri-food workers, that boosts the quality of their employment and makes sure that value is distributed along the supply chain.

EU Food Policy Coalition Letter | Link
EFFAT Orientation document on the EU Farm to Fork Strategy | Link