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On behalf of EFFAT, we wish to express our solidarity and support to all our affiliates who are doing a fantastic job in protecting workers in all our sectors. Many of our members are faced with job losses and falls in income, on top of general health & safety concerns. We also recognise the tireless work and effort of members to feed Europe during this crisis, for which they deserve huge thanks and respect.

The Coronavirus outbreak is having a seismic impact on the world and the way people live together. Measures to contain and combat the COVID-19 pandemic have inevitable consequences on the working conditions of all workers, and the EFFAT sectors are particularly affected. Against this backdrop, EFFAT’s top priority is protecting workers’ health, safeguarding jobs and workers’ wages. Our thoughts go especially to our comrades and friends from the most affected countries, like Italy and Spain.

We call on the social partners and governments at the local, national and European level to act responsibly and take the appropriate action to protect workers and their families. It is important that all workers have at least a baseline of social protections to guarantee decent living and good health.

The rising nationalist rhetoric and protectionism triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic are worrying signs, as Europe needs to stay united during these difficult times. EFFAT strongly supports a fair internal market and equal treatment of all workers; we will not tolerate nativist and racist populist politicians scapegoating foreigners, migrant workers, and refugees.

As the crisis intensifies, EFFAT sends its support and solidarity to all members. We urge you to continue to stand resolute and united in these trying times, for together we are stronger!


Kristjan Bragason – EFFAT General Secretary
Malin Ackholt – EFFAT President