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EFFAT expresses its solidarity to Italian trade unions in their tireless attempt to protect workers’ health and livelihood amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Following the Italian Government’s latest announcement to stop all business activities that are non-essential to the country’s basic supply (Chiudi Italia Decree), Italian trade unions are now facing the unexpected extension of the list of sectors that are not requested to cease their operations.

These dramatic times impose the absolute prioritization of the health and safety of workers. Should this not be the case, EFFAT supports any trade union actions  aimed at safeguarding the life of workers.

In light of the above, EFFAT:

  • Reiterates its call to employers and the government to ensure that the essential activities – such as food supply – are maintained under the respect of the highest health and safety standards
  • Notes that in times of health emergency, the maintenance of non-necessary value chains only risk to generate useless stocks.
  • Recognises that if operations of these services are carried out without the right protective equipment, the safety of workers and their families is jeopardized with hard consequences on the already saturated health care structures.

Standing in solidarity with all our Italian affiliates, EFFAT is closely monitoring the situation of all affiliates in the countries affected by this health emergency and will support any initiatives aimed at protecting the interests of workers that every day risk their life while going to work.