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The COVID-19 outbreak is having a seismic impact on the world and the way people live together with inevitable consequences on the working conditions of all workers.

Representing 25 million workers from farm to fork, the EFFAT sectors are particularly affected.

In recognition of the severity of this health and social crisis, EFFAT has already designated the coronavirus response a political priority, today stepping up its campaign under the hashtags #WeFeedEurope and #HealthBeforeProfit”.

To facilitate cross-border exchange and solidarity, EFFAT has set up a dedicated page outlining the impact of #COVID19 on the EFFAT sectors and collecting national best practices, governmental and social partners agreements put in place to tackle this emergency.

Over the coming weeks, EFFAT will fight alongside its affiliates to guarantee better health and safety protection and improved working conditions for the millions of agri-food workers, many of whom are putting in extra shifts to make sure food is available for the whole of Europe during this emergency.

EFFAT will keep exposing the huge repercussions of this crisis for millions of jobs in the tourism sector and call for measures that protect workers from unemployment and loss of income.
EFFAT will stand resolutely alongside all precarious workers, including domestic workers and food delivery riders, who, amid this crisis, continue to go to work, often having to choose between their health and their livelihood.

In many countries, this crisis has exposed the unsatisfactory nature of many existing employment and social security models, which all too often do not guarantee adequate income, paid sick leave and/or health and safety provisions for workers, especially those in the gig economy and on zero-hours contracts.

Once the immediate health crisis abates, EFFAT will take stock of the all the shortcomings in European policies relating to our sectors and take all necessary measures to ensure better health and safety standards, social security and working conditions for all workers from farm to fork.

To stay up-to-date with all our affiliates’ best practices to tackle COVID-19 at national, sectoral and company level, access our updates’ page |  LINK

For information at International level please consult also the IUF page dedicated to global updates’s page | LINK

For more on EFFAT’s sectoral demands and recommendations in relation to COVID-19, follow our social media channels and join in the conversation via: