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The EFFAT secretariat received yesterday messages of solidarity from colleagues in IUF Asia-Pacific. On behalf of all affiliates, the secretariat conveys its gratitude to IUF Asia-Pacific for their kind and welcome words of support.

In letters to EFFAT-IUF affiliates in France, Germany, Italy and Spain – in a message extending more broadly to all members in Agriculture, Food, Tourism and Domestic Work – IUF Regional Secretary for Asia-Pacific, Dr Hidayat Greenfield expresses his deep concern and sadness at the damaging impact of COVID-19 on jobs and livelihoods.

EFFAT shares the view that this crisis has exposed the inadequacies of the prevailing, financialised global economic system, and affirms its resolve to continue and intensify its advocacy for the urgent measures and reforms required (read more here).

EFFAT joins with colleagues in Asia, the Pacific region and across the world in these words: “We are committed more than ever to our collective values of fairness, equality and social justice to overcome the economic and social devastation caused by the COVID-19 crisis.” The collective struggle for decency and respect in the EFFAT-IUF sectors and in wider society has never been more necessary.


See also EFFAT’s solidarity and thank you message to affiliates.