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NGG workers at the Hamburg plant of Barry Callebaut, won a long fought battle for some of their key trade unions rights. Although contemplated in their general collective agreement of confectionery industry, workers were denied of equal treatment on pay, working time and Christmas bonuses and penalised for taking part in industrial actions or joining strikes.

After months of failed negotiations and repeated warning strikes organised by EFFAT’s affiliate NGG as well as intimidation from the management, the agreement is now concluded and includes:

  • Christmas Bonus of 100% of a monthly wage until 2023 (+20% each year)
  • Regular pay rise as per the confectionery industry until then.
  • A 5.6% total wage increase for June 2019 – June 2021

Next year NGG will start further negotiations about the validity of the other collective contracts of the industry with the aim to reach equal treatment for all sectors workers.

Further to solidarity actions towards NGG workers and an EFFAT letter sent to the Berry Callebaut management to urge to respect NGG demands, EFFAT congratulates NGG for successfully organize its workers and hopes for improved sound industrial relations.