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The Congress is the supreme body of EFFAT and it is held once every five years.
The Congress makes decisions on action plans and joint trade union actions; it also elects the members, the President and the General Secretary. It decides upon the dissolution of EFFAT.

 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the supreme political body of EFFAT for the duration of time between two Congresses. It controls the representation of members’ interests in dealings with the European Institutions as well as negotiations with European employers’ associations and the management of transnational companies. The Executive Commitee can convoke and prepare the Congress and it elects and/or confirms the delegates for the ETUC Congress.

 Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for deciding on urgent action to be taken in order to carry out policies determined by the Executive Committee.

 The Sector Assemblies

Sector Assemblies shall be formed in order to deal with sector-specific tasks. These include:

  • the Assembly on Food
  • the Assembly on Agriculture
  • the Assembly on Tourism (incl. Catering).

The Secretariat

The Secretariat consists of the General Secretary and the Sector Secretaries. The Secretariat must ensure representation at the European Institution level.

 The Auditing Committee

The Congress elects the Auditing Committee for the period between two Congresses. The Auditing Committee performs an audit of the Secretariat’s accounts at least once a year before the annual financial report is presented.


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