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EFFAT FoodDrinkEurope Application VP/2017/001/0004

New professions and career paths in the food and drink industry: Delivering high level food industry skills in the digital economy

The project will build on the results of a previous EU funded project where the European social partners FoodDrinkEurope and EFFAT joined forces to identify bottlenecks in recruiting new and skilled employees and tackle challenges arising when companies have an ageing workforce (“Bringing in in new talents and managing an ageing workforce: two sides of the same coin-implementing good practices for a more attractive food and drink industry in Europe” http://fooddrinkeurope-effat-toolbox.eu/ ).

The project, which will help implementing the European social partners’ work programme, has the following objectives:

  1. Identifying the new technologies in the food and drink industry, the emerging jobs and the new skills and type of qualifications required;
  2. Contributing to the existing best practices and toolbox of the previous project and undertaking a forward-looking reflection on what criterias will underpin socially successful robotisation. The aim would be to build and reinforce the capacity of national social partners in the food and drink sector to engage participation at European level; and
  3. Designing a communication strategy to attract new talents in the food and drink industry. The aim of this strategy will be twofold: (i) to further develop and strengthen the membership of the European social partners and (ii) to make the food and drink manufacturing and processing sector more attractive for potential new talents.

Overall, the project will support the European social partners and their committee in their contribution to policy-making, including impact assessment, of the employment and social dimensions of EU initiatives.

Please see attached for details
Call for tender_ EFFAT-FoodDrinkEurope_Digitalisation