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After 5 years of conflict and struggle with Coca Cola (CCEP), workers of Fuenlabrada, put an end to the labor and social conflict started in 2014. According to an agreement that workers consider ‘a social triumph’, Coca-Cola will close the logistical centre in Fuenlabrada. But within two years, the multinational soft drinks company will open a manufacturing centre in Madrid, which will employ the staff who have defended their jobs tirelessly since January 2014. If Coca Cola does not finally comply with its commitment to install its factory in Madrid or the surrounding area, the social plan that has been incorporated into the agreement will be activated, as a guarantee for the entire workforce. Inter alia, the plan contemplates the payment of salaries according to age until retirement and early retirements and indemnities for those close to pension.

EFFAT has always supported the struggle of the Fuenlabrada workers over the years; The Coca-Cola Coordination Group met multiple times and urged Coca-Cola to enter constructive dialogue with national trade unions in Spain encouraging to open up a long-term industrial plan for the plant .

Harald Wiedenhofer, EFFAT Secretary General, reacted to this successful achievement saying: ’Workers in Fuenlabrada have been a strong example of unity, perseverance and solidarity for EFFAT affiliates. They gave the example that fighting really pays off!’

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