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Europe’s hotel, restaurant and catering sector features 1.8 million companies employing almost 10 million workers. Tourism is one of the few sectors of the European economy with a high potential for growth and job creation, particularly providing an entry into the labour market for young people.
Given the high percentage of atypical employment in the tourism sector, the EFFAT mission is to promote decent and fair working conditions. EFFAT activities in the tourism sector include promoting improvement and recognition of qualifications and skills, socially responsible and sustainable tourism, and strengthening social dialogue in the sector to improve working conditions.

Kerstin Howald
[email protected]

A sector on ice – Tourism in Europe amid COVID-19

A sector on ice – Tourism in Europe amid COVID-19

With all of Europe having implemented at least some form of lockdown, the consequences for the EFFAT sectors have been profound, if unequal. Worst hit, by far, is Tourism, with millions of jobs at risk, and uncertain prospects for recovery. But there will be opportunities for the sector to recover, if it is given the support it needs, and we use this moment to chart a more sustainable future for European tourism policy.

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