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The European Platform tackling undeclared work gathers relevant actors involved in fighting undeclared work. EFFAT has been able to include various activities as well as interventions from its sectors in this platform. For example, kindly find hereunder Mr. Spahn’s intervention regarding undeclared work in agriculture, which was at a platform seminar on 24 January 2019.

Hereunder you will also find further relevant documentation on the matter.

2018-01-24 Presentation DE

Platform Study 2018 EN    Platform Study 2018 DE

2019-01-24 Minutes EN    2019-01-24 Minutes DE

2019-01-24 Seminar QaA DE    2019-01-24 Seminar QaA

EN 2019-01-24 Types of workers   DE 2019-01-24 Types of workers

EN 2019-01-24 Learning Resource Agriculture Seminar      DE 2019-01-24 Learning Resource Agriculture Seminar